Chinese Language Membership Site WP Theme redesign

WP Redesign, and Custom Hierarchical Membership Structure Added to aMember originally enlisted our services to redesign the WordPress driven Chinese podcast site back in 2009 (see this earlier design much further below, as well as his testimonial).

More recently we had the pleasure of converting Serge’s latest redesign vision into a brand new theme capable of using all the great WordPress functionality that has come about since the 2009 redesign.

The homepage template was designed to better highlight the main user areas of his site with large graphical links. We were also able to condense his plethora of testimonials from satisfied customers into a more compact rotating script box on the homepage.

In addition to these WordPress related tasks, I coded the theme to work more closely with aMember to deliver podcasts via iTunes, based on membership level. This also required some custom protection of podcast files, as well as modifying the PodPress plugin to provide members and public users with customized feeds including lesson resource attachments.

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