Richard Kranium is the brainchild of Carla, who for years has been thinking up this creative way of spreading the word about the importance of safe sex. With the additional the Get Shopped (WP E Commerce) plugin, her site houses many fun products all promoting the idea that safer sex can be fun and cool, not just educational!

Development highlights include a slideshow on the homepage (graphic design of slides by yours truly), sections for customer submitted photos, a system where customers can submit their ideas for new designs, a blog, and all the usual social network bells and whistles for making it easier for visitors to connect along those lines, including newsletter signup via integrated Mail Chimp.

As with most projects, a full set of the most useful plugins were included as part of this full-service web design project. Automatic database backups to protect data, a full caching system to speed site loading, photo galleries to easily update all photo areas, an enhanced inline product editing system, to name only a few. I also installed and configured WordPress with security hardening measures to make hacking even less likely than it’s become since WordPress has patched it’s more recent exploitables.

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