Request a Custom WordPress Theme

If you’re ready to have a custom WordPress theme designed, the form below will help you outline your specs (if you are an advanced user, best use the regular-old contact form, but this will help those of you wanting a WP theme but unsure where to start). If you’d like to read more about what goes into good theme design, check out the articles listed above or take a look at some of the custom WP themes we’ve designed for clients or themes available for download.

As detailed in the articles above, there are some basic elements that every theme should have. To recap, all of our WP themes come with the following basic elements:

  • Widget-ready sidebar(s)
  • 100% valid HTML and CSS
  • Optional logo
  • Optional threaded comments
  • Front page
  • Static pages
  • Individual posts
  • Category pages
  • Archive pages
  • Search results pages
  • Author pages
  • Tag pages
  • Comments template (should be invisible if comments are turned off)
  • 404 page

Use this form below to let us know some specifics about your WP theme.

If you are unsure about any of the items on the form, see the previous articles in this series or send us a general inquiry. Once we process your custom theme request we will get back to you with a custom theme proposal.

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