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With any CMS, such as WordPress, adding SEO meta tags is as simple as installing a plugin and then using the provided fields to enter your meta title, keywords, and description. But solid SEO involves so much more than meta tags! As the search engines continue to improve in their pursuit of analyzing the worth of sites as a human being would, it’s all about content. For some time now many top search engines have stopped counting meta tags toward keyword density at all.

Again, great SEO is all about content.

The only way to convince search engines that your site is worthy of top ranking, is to provide content that is truly relevant and interesting to the degree that you yourself would find to be relevant and interesting! Webpages that rank highest on google are those that provide informative content that is relevant to the given search terms.

You can add keywords to your meta tags all day long, but only by adding these words to real and unique content will you get the results you’re after.

Of course, a more objective perspective of relevant and interesting content is best determined by keyword research and analysis, using objective measurements such as search traffic statistics for the given keywords.

So ‘good SEO’ does come back to keywords?

Every site comes to the point in its development where basic meta tags just aren’t  producing the desired pagerank. The next step for most site owners is to do some more thinking about the website’s main keywords and keyword phrases, then sprinkle the keywords more generously throughout the content.

Yet, to get much further than these basic good SEO practices takes a little more than basic keyword research.

The problem with filling article after article with your primary keyword phrases is: so are your competitors! And odds are, your competitors’  ‘affordable SEO services’ sites have way more indexed pages that rank higher for the primary term ‘affordable SEO services’ than you do –probably several hundred times as many.

In short, the trick to optimizing your efforts at adding keyword-dense content, is to go after less popular search terms.  While most so-called SEO experts have their own special formula for generating a site’s best keywords, the simple truth is: finding the secondary search terms that are most relevant to your niche, but not saturated by competitor sites, is the way to get the most SEO results from every piece of content you add to your site.

This sweet spot in your site’s keyword analysis will reveal which search terms are going to give you the most bang for your effort. Once you have a set of these optimal keyword phrases, you can begin to add them to your content –keeping each article focused on one set of 1-optimal keyword phrase and related secondary terms.

The principle here is: not only are you getting more traffic to our site via less popular terms (visits to pages on your site which visitors would have skipped over had you plugged your primary terms instead of optimal, less popular keywords), but by building your search engine ranking in secondary and tertiary keywords, you are also boosting your rank for the most primary keywordswithout even having to compete head-to-head (and many optimal keywords are tertiary or further removed from the primary terms for very popular niches).

Affordable keyword and niche analysis, anyone?

I offer affordable SEO options that work for any level of experience or budget.

  1. If you have time but not a big budget, let me do the keyword analysis for you, then you enhance your content with the information and instructions in the custom report I send you. For $180 I will provide you with a sets of optimal keywords for your site based on keyword research, but also niche research -checking on your competition to be sure we have discovered all your primary search terms!

    The report you’ll receive will contain search volume statistics for your primary and secondary keywords, with optimal keyword rows highlighted -to help you see the large picture of these special phrases. You’ll receive a document with sets (or campaigns) to use in your content. You’ll also receive a clear guide to incorporating the information into your content -simple, clear density recommendations.

    For a little more, receive an intro pack of articles, custom-written based on the findings of my keyword research.

  2. If you have more money than time, contact me for a quote. Most clients prefer a custom SEO package, starting with keyword and niche research, enhanced by professional application of your site’s optimal keyword phrases… Whether you want full control over search engine optimization or, one the other end of the spectrum, want an SEO professional and writers working together publishing strong content on a regular basis: I can assist you.

After discovering your best keywords, I can recommend edits to existing content, provide you with a package of custom articles to publish on your site, and/or help you create landing page templates in which to place keyword-dense content. If you are looking for ongoing content population, I work with a team of writers who provide top quality copy writing, to the specifications outlined during keyword research. Let me know what you need and I’ll send you a proposal.

Erin Bruce