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What to Expect

Once I receive your inquiry, I will get back to you with any questions, and a proposal. Typically, I will develop your project on a test server of ours (though if your domain is fresh you may want to save time by having us work live on your site). I provide documentation for all work done (for example, if you have functionality you want to add to a theme, you’ll receive documentation with clear instructions for using the new system).

Payment Terms

I ask for an upfront payment of 50% from first time clients, and for projects over $500. I accept credit card and Paypal payments via and will send you email invoices via Paypal. Most clients prefer informal agreements, but if you would like to have a contract included that covers your rights to the intellectual property (and a few other basic, but sufficiently clear terms), I will provide you with a contract to print, sign and send back. In such cases, you must include a physical address, full name and signature. If you can do this via email, so much the easier.

If you would prefer to use an escrow service such as elance, please let me know.

Web Hosting

The majority of sites will not require hosting beyond ‘shared’, but if you get a hosting plan with BlueHost, you can easily upgrade from shared to VPS or dedicated (many top shared hosts like HostMonster do not offer dedicated hosting).

We Recommended BlueHost

Want to get a head start on launching your new web site? If you don’t have a web hosting account (or aren’t happy with your current host) you can get ahead by setting up a web hosting account while we get back to you about your inquiry. I recommend as the best all-round hosting company of the many we’ve tried.

Bluehost has the best site uptime I’ve experienced (I’ve hosted over a dozen domains there for over 4 years and only twice has any of them been down, and that was only for a few minutes each time). 24/7 online chat support.

Additionally, this is one of the only top hosts that offers quality Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting, so if you need more power upgrading is seamless. Because of my confidence in Bluehost I am also an affiliate and receive compensation if you use the links on this page. If you are like many clients transferring from a subpar host (like GoDaddy!) let me know and I will apply the hosting commission toward my fee for moving your site(s) over.

Start with a shared plan and upgrade to VPS or Dedicated at any time.

Erin Bruce