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Elise and Anthony’s baby, PositiveWorldTravel.com, took off in 2009 when they took off on their amazing travel adventures. They use the site to share all the fun, difficulties and exotic experiences they encounter. Naturally, this meant hooking the site up with all the latest, best social networking services, and upgrading WP’s already superb multi-media capabilities so they can easily upload the pics and videos they shoot while traveling.

For their Photos section, they wanted to incorporate their SmugMug pictures, and for their Store they wanted to be able to easily plug-in their Amazon eStore, while maintaining the look and feel of their own site. With WordPress theme options, these features were incorporated so that Anthony and Elise can easily modify just about any aspect of the site they want to, with just basic internet connection.

Some additional features are rotating header images that can be added to at any time, and current Amazon items the travelers are listening to and reading. In a few short months they have taken the custom theme and other tools and run with them!

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